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About Mesco Insulators

Mesco, was founded by the alliance of three graet companies

Alocast co.

Maspa co.

Namdar afroz co.

Each of which alone has more than twenty years of experience in the field of manufacturing of hardware and fitting for High voltage Transmission Line , clamp connectors for substations up to 500 KV, fittings for underground and on the ground train,OPGW

 This has led to a minimum of 60 years of working experience at its inception in 2018

The synergy of knowledge and experience of these companies has made Mesco’s main mission, in addition to its quality and continuity in quality, to be the subject of the engineering and optimal design of products and in line with the level of pollution in the environment, and this in the case that most silicon insulator manufacturers only inject the silicon rubber, into the rod and fittings that they bought from another manufacturer

Mesco, has produced complete silicon rubber including

 productin of rod with pultrusion machines

 End fittings with heavy forging and machining shops

Injecting silicon rubber with high capacity injection machines

All our products has quality certificate from domestic and international reference laboratories